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Romania: Tour Dracula's Castle!

Explore the Magic of the Bran Castle... aka Dracula’s Castle!

Come take a walk through the Castle on a video tour, watch a photo gallery or learn more about the myth of Count Dracula.

643. This is the age that Bran Castle will celebrate in 2020. Stone by stone, step by step, season after season, first a medieval fortress, then customs office and then royal residence, it hides 643 stories within its walls. One of the most valuable monuments in Romania, the Castle is known throughout the world, mostly because of the legend of Count Dracula, which hovers over it, is woven inside the walls and mirrored in the eyes of its visitors.

Nowadays, the Castle proudly shares its history and culture to international guests, either by daily (or online) visits, or by certain events that already became traditions like Jazz at Bran Castle or Halloween at Bran Castle.

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Photo Credit: bran-castle.com

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