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Portugal: The Legend of the Rooster of Barcelos

Create Your Own Rooster!

Portugal is a very old and small country in Europe with an amazing history, culture, and lots of interesting stories. One famous story is the tale about the “Rooster of Barcelos.” This tale is about a story that took place in Barcelos, a city in the north of Portugal close to the border with Spain.

One day in the town of Barcelos, someone stole silver from a landowner. No one knew who the thief was. When the people saw a man from Galicia passing by, they immediately accused him. The man and his friends tried to explain that he was just a pilgrim and he was on his way to Santiago of Compostela in Spain, but no one believed him.

The man was sentenced and sent to prison. But, as a last wish, he asked to be taken to the judge who charged him theft. At the house, the judge gave the man a final chance to prove his case. He asked the pilgrim: "How can you prove your innocence?"

The pilgrim looked around and noticed that the judge was having a banquet with his friends. Among the food on the table was a roasted rooster. The man pointed to the rooster and said, "this rooster will crow if I am innocent!” The rooster stood up and started crowing and everyone was surprised! They finally allowed the man to go free.

Since then, the rooster became a symbol of justice, faith, and good luck for the Portuguese people. The pilgrim came back years later and built a religious monument in Barcelos to show his appreciation. Later, in the 20th century, a craftsman called Domingos Côto, inspired by this tale, created a clay rooster which became very popular. This rooster became an unocial symbol of Portugal and is the most popular Portuguese souvenir.

Click here to download a PDF to create your own rooster.

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