MALTA: Sweet Dreams Are Made of...Cheese

Qrempuċu, the mouse who ate the moon.

One stormy night, Qrempuċu is lying in his bed, trying to fall asleep. The little mouse has hardly managed to close his eyes, when suddenly there is a knock on the door. He gets out of his bed only to find no one. The curious mouse decides to close the door behind him and take a little stroll. Then strange things begin to happen as his journey leads him to the discovery that the moon is made out of cheese. Somehow, Qrempuċu finds himself floating up in the sky. He swims through the clouds to reach the cheesy moon, after which he starts eating it. Having devoured it, Qrempuċu ends up in mid-air, clinging onto the last piece of cheese. Naturally, he eats that as well.

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