ROMANIA: The Sentries of Danube Delta

Tune in for 70 minutes of adventure!

Now you can enjoy this second installment of the Romanian film “Străjerii” (The Sentries). After the first movie was launched in 2018 at Kids Euro Festival, this 70-minute squel presents the adventures of a group of children in a camp situated in the Danube Delta; the story weaves together initiation lessons in kayaking and survival in the wild with environmental cleaning activity undertaken in this natural reserve included on the UNESCO world heritage site, list since 1991.

A group of 8 children break away from the rest of the members of the camp and discover some poachers, who are using an electric device to fish, which is extremely damaging and dangerous. The children are brushed away and mocked by the poachers and, in order to get their revenge, the children decide to steal their electric device. A chase begins between the children and the poachers and all kinds of events take place in-between, until the so called fishermen are exposed for what they really are.

Access the video below by using the password: STRAJERII21eng

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